Product Description

Shelby Mustang: The Total Performance Pony Car is the updated and revised version of Comer’s critically acclaimed 2014 Shelby Mustang Fifty Years. It picks up where Fifty Years left off and now includes all Shelby Mustangs from 1965 through Ford’s incredible 2015-up world beating S550 GT350 and new 760-horsepower 2020 GT500, as well as all of the incredible new product that has emerged from Shelby American in Las Vegas over the past six years. Also included are numerous updates and new information such as “as-found” photos of the long-lost “Little Red” Prototype and more! 

One of the world’s foremost authorities on Shelby automobiles, author Colin Comer, whose late friend Lee Iacocca penned the foreword this book is not only a definitive account of the Shelby Mustang but also a celebration of these magnificent machines, the people that made it all happen, and those who keep the dream alive today. Created in cooperation with the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust and officially licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., Shelby Mustang: The Total Performance Pony Car is lavishly illustrated with rare, historic photography and modern color images to chronicle the story of these amazing cars, from the initial collaboration with Ford to today’s record-setting high-tech muscle cars.

Whether you’re fan of the original 1960s machines, a 21st-century stormer with a flat-plane crank addiction, or just somebody who loves a great underdog story this book is a must-have title for any library.

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